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on to the budget analyst report, and from the department of elections. >> >> good afternoon, the mission of the department of elections is to conduct all federal, state and local elections, to have an open process to provide the public confidence in the elections process to provide out reach and continuing to improve on the services to the san francisco voters and the major would be the elections that were schedule, two for the most fiscal year and one for 14, 15 and the smaller elections that we conduct every year. as far as changes to our budget, our budget when you compare it like election cycles is similar from year to year, which this chart shows, so 2012, 13 we have one election fiscal year and so the base budget is very similar, but the majority of the cost increase for 14, 15, is wage increases and also increases in cost. and we do have changes in revenue and they increase or decrease with the elections that we have. because of the school board elections and the community college elections and the election and we get reimbursed for those contests and so when we have two election
. officials say turnout was over 70%. in the presidential election was extended after more people showed up to vote late in the day. >> the neck's -- the next president will definitely see this enthusiastic turnout. it should not just be words. he should stick to what he said. is a race between six candidates, approved by the guardian council. five candidates are conservatives, and just one is moderate. that is this man. he has pledged to soft and iran's approach to international say, and domestic issues. >> i have come to destroy extremism. when i see these extremists are worried, i am happy. it means that with the help of the people, we can and still the appropriate islamic behavior in the country. >> he was directing his comments at hard-line candidates. >> i think today, it was a significant day for iranian politics. it shows that our rule, the nature of our republic, and a revolution have powerful support from our people. wasor many, the economy forthright in their minds when they went to the ballot box. >> this current situation should be change. you know how tough it is for people. p
and later the jubilation when was elected south africa's president. >> follow second look on facebook and twitter. now this is flying... with style. great glittering galaxies. disneyland resort just got happier, see it all with a 3-day park hopper ticket. i now appear to be lost in a deep dark cave... >>> welcome back to a second look. tonight nelson mandela. the south african national congress. in february 1990 nelson mandela was about to be released after 27 years. a week before the government legalized his organization, the anc. cnn brought us this report. >> reporter: blacks who have no vote took to the streets to voice their demands. in particular for the release of jailed leader nelson mandela. as they marched under the colors of the national congress the leader of the white minority government was about to stun them. he announced the suspension of the death penalty and then the lifting of the ban on the anc. >> the prohibition of the national congress, and a number of organizations is being resended. >> reporter: outrage right wingers. but he pressed on to announce the freeing
congratulate you on your epic presence, you're committed and meaningful involvement on the election, on your fulfillment of your religious and national duty in response to the call of the leader of the revolution. >> in what is being hailed as a victory for reform, the cleric hassan rouhani has one you brought's presidential election. we will speak to a member of the national iranian american council. then, unrest continues in turkey. >> the prime minister is provoking people servant -- four civil war. but people do not buy this. so he is creating an oppressive regime. >> we will go to instanbul where a general strike is underway, calling and end to the police crackdown on protests. and then to hong kong were hundreds rallied in support of whistleblower edward snowden. >> you can see how long people are speaking to whom and where and who to. this makes it difficult to have that mechanism and democracy. he says he is not a hero, just a regular citizen. we are going to be standing in solidarity with him, hoping the rule of law in hong kong is upheld. >> we will speak with the protest organizer
. >> in iran voters are going to the polls today to elect a new president. >> six candidates are vying to replace outgoing president mahmoud ahmadinejad, who is barred from seek a third consecutive term. >> john: hold ohold on. so the most serrifying super villain on the world stage has been brought to his knees by term limits? ( laughter ) that means he technically had less power than michael bloomberg. ( cheers and applause ) incidentally, that is a contrast that would upset ahmadinejad for so many reasons. now, you might remember the last election in 2009 in iran didn't go too well. so brace yourself, everyone. >> iran has a new president-elect, a moderate cleric, nabbing more than 50% of the vote. >> john: wait, really? ( laughter ) a moderate? so the people in iran have spoken, supreme leader ayatollah khomeini's days are numbers. >> it's iran's supreme court leader who has ultimate power and it was his guardian council of clerics who preapproved the six candidates. >> john: i get it. these days are technically still numbered, just in the thousands. you can imagine what it must be
at the surprise result in iran's presidential election, and what d relations with theits nuclear u.s. >> ifill: hari sreenivasan gets the latest on the war in the states over whether to expand medicaid under president obama's health care law. >> woodruff: and paul solman closes with a conversation with the author of a new book, "who owns the future?," which poses a provocative way to think of our digital lives. >> the government should have to pay for whatever it does, including getting information from people, and should be constrained by its budget. so if they have to pay for collecting those images of you walking around, then they have to create a sense of balance about how often they do it. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> i want to make things more secure. >> i want to treat more dogs. >> our business needs more cases. >> where do you want to take your business? >> i need help selling art. >> from broadband, to web hosting, to mobile apps, small business solutions from a.t.&t. can help get you there. we can
they registered to vote in federal elections. the ruling affects several states with similar laws, and will block others from adding requirements to the voter registration process. the court found a state law can't trump the 1993 motor voter law, which streamlines election sign-ups through a national form system. with us, as always, is marcia coyle of the "national law journal." tell us a little more about the case of the justice. >> the election clause in the federal constitution it gives states the responsibility to set the time, place and manner of federal elections. but it also gives congress the power to alter those regulations, as you said in 1993, congress enacademy the motor voter law that created a simple unified form to register to vote. in 2004 arizona enacted proposition 200, and that required state voting officials to reject any registration form that did not include concrete evidence of citizenship such as driver's license, birth certificate. the issue before the court was whether that requirement conflicted with the federal form which only requires the applicant to attest, sign th
post, vice the courts have written orders for the bulk election of metadata every three months since may of that year, from companies including at&t and bellsouth. the court orders were prompted by a request from an unspecified telephone provider after war and less surveillance was exposed. the company apparently asked of the bush administration to come up with order so it was legally bound to comply. edward snowden is believed to remain in hong kong as he faces an ongoing u.s. investigation. on saturday, a group of demonstrators braved heavy rain in a show of him. >> he is not a hero or a traitor. he is just a regular citizen. we're going to be standing in solidarity with him, hoping that rule rule of law in hong kong is upheld. >> today, many hong kong people are coming out to the event for snowden. because he is exposed the truth, secrets from the u.s. government, and now he is really our responsibility to come out and defend him. not only his rights but also hours. >> revelations continue to emerge from the nsa files edward snowden disclosed. the guardian of london reports the br
friend and i are eligible to vote. we've been looking forward to coming and seeing the elections and having a say in managing our >> the election has been widely criticized in the west as a rands guardian council strictly controls which candidates are able to run -- iran's guardian council. that ensures only establishment figures can contend. iran's supreme leader hit back at u.s. criticism in particular. >> recently, i heard that someone from america's national security council said "we do not consider iran's elections to be valid." well, we don't give a dam. -- damn. leading candidates include a former prime minister and iran's one candidate is seen as slightly more moderate. he advocates a less confrontational policy towards the west. he has also promised media reforms and the release of all political prisoners if he wins. record numbers of iranians voted in the last election in 2009, followed by left -- mass protest over a ledge and vote rigging and a brutal crackdown. this year, members appear to have blanket control with access to foreign media severely restricted. >> onto
who will lead them for the next four years. election officials are counting ballots following a national vote for president. the winner will succeed the conservative mahmoud ahmadinejad who's been in office since 2005. so many people showed up at polling station, officials extended the voting by five hours. six candidatesner the running, three are hard-liners close to supreme leader aya toll la khamenei. they include tehran mayor o mohammed-bagher galley baf and saeed jalili. reformists who want better relations with western countries are supporting a single candidate hassan rohani. he was a negotiator under pro-reform president mohammad khata khatami. the moderate rohani closed the gap in final stages. election officials will release the results later in the day. if no candidate scores a majority, the top two will face each other in a runoff vote in a week. >>> u.s. president barack obama is changing his approach to the civil war in syria. his administration hat concluded that troops loyal to president bashar al assad have used chemical weapons. so a white house official says
standoffs but it has been relatively calm. >> i like your reading on what happened in the elections in teheran and across iran yesterday. how do you read avoiding a runoff what we consider a moderate victory? >> reporter: i think it was an incredible vote of confidence. the last election four years of ago caused such anger and such frustration because most people thought it was a phony election, that the opposition really won and they had the resulted manipulated on them. you have had anger brewing in the country and then enormous economic hardships. i think the government thought if it tried to play with the elections this time when there is so much frustration because of the currency being devalued and enormous inflation in that country that they could have had an explosive problem. so it is a bit of a carrot to give to the iranian people. we'll give you a more moderate candidate, somebody who is a centrist because we recognize the last election went so badly and there are economic problems that nobody can deny. i want to talk about syria. i was listening to your panel. it looks d
the race. the moderate rohani closed the gap in the final stages of campaigning. election results will be found on saturday. if no candidate has majority, the top two candidates face a runoff vote in one week. >>> u.s. president barack obama is changing his afroech the war in syria. he has concluded troops loyal to bashar assad used chemical weapons and will provide military support to opposition fighters. >> we have concluded assad used chemical weapons against the opposition multiple times in the last year, on a small scale. >> ben rhodes says chemical weapons are believed to have killed 100 to 150 people. he says the aid to the opposition will include military support but he hasn't provided details. intelligence officials looked into suspicions about chemical weapons use in syria in march. those in britain and france said assad's forces had used the weapons against the opposition. syrian rebels have been urging the united states to provide them with conventional weapons. president obama is expected to discuss the issue with other world leaders next week at the group 8 summit in
-profit organizations that we have worked with. and east of the elections and the materials that are things like that can get to the con stit you entcy. and i want to thank deborah for working with us, and working with us, through the office. >> and all of the recommendations. >> and colleagues, from time. >> thank you very much. >> and we have to come after they recover. >> and the report of the department of elections? >> yes, mr. chairman and members of the committee. our recommendations begin on page 87. let me comment on page 87 mr. chairman. before the recommendations, we have reported the department of elections, according to the department of elections, the average cost, the pamphlet is approximately, $3500 such as to cost $1 million, $757,000 to print and mail the full 502 page referendum against eight washington boulevard. and eight washington. and however the department of elections is currently budgeted sufficient postage for 72 pages for the november 2013 election. and therefore, the department of elections does not have sufficient funds, in the proposed 13, 14 budget to print and p
pull one out of the hat again? >> you've got to turn out in this election. >> the super secret national security agency is headquartered in maryland just outside of washington, d.c. he nsa is building another facility in the middle of the utah gadget where they will capture everything we say or text electronically, phone calls, internet searches, you name it the nsa has it. a plan politico's roger simon describes as possessing all of the qualifications to become a rocery bagger. high school drop out hired as a security guarded by the c.i.a. and claims he had access to just about everything. sbl when you see everything, you see them on a more frequent basis and yorecognize some of these things are abuses. you can't come forward against the world's most powowerful intelligence agency and be completely free from risk because they are such powerful agencies that no one can meaningfully oppose them. >> we reject as faults the choice between safety and ideals. candidate obama becomes president obama and discovers that sometimes the demands of national security do challenge our ideals. he's no
the election there of a new president who says he will be a moderate, but is this really a chance to start fresh or will we see the same stonewalling and evasion from the iranian regime? that is next. you make a great team. it's been that way since e day you met. but your erectile dysfunction - itld be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you cabe more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immedte medical hel for an erection lasting more than 4 hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vi
additional requirements you can petition the national board, the elections activities perms to use the documents. if say no take it back to court. i talked to tom horn, he says he thinks that was a clue and is he predicting victory, here is what he told me. >> the court has set forth a pathway to victory and pursue and it ultimately be victorious. >> so this is not over. also on capitol hill tonight, texas republican senator ted cruz has offered an amendment to the immigration measure currently pending in the senate. what it would do is modify and amend the federal statute so that states that don't want to have this extra requirement that you when youproof of register to vote in a federal election would be able to do that. we will see if it survivors on the hill, jon? >> jon: shannon bream, thank you. the supreme court issuing an opinion that could impact the way pharmaceutical companies deal with generic drugs. involves court settlements over patent disputes. makers of name brand drugs often make large payments to generic delay launch of cheaper medications. the court ruled those
. and within a few months of getting elected governor of the great state of virginia in 2009, governor ultrasound, conservative republican bob mcdonnell started charging the taxpayers of virginia for the dog's vitamins. the dog needed vitamins. he decided the taxpayers should pay for it. he charged to the taxpayers dog vitamins, breath freshening strips, deodorant, body wash, energy drinks, dry cleaning for the mcdonnell children's clothing. as governor of the state you are entitled to have the taxpayers fund a lot of your normal living expenses but not the dog vitamins. not the little melty bad breath but it's not gum things. right? but because bob mcdonnell charged even that stuff to the state, rather than paying for it, himself, some poor government employee in virginia, the mansion director for the governor's mansion which is a public building in virginia as well as the residence for the first family, some state employee from the division of selected agency support services had to write the most embarrassing letter ever. right? imagine this. dear governor sir. how would you put it?
it was, why the state elects both democrats and republicans, who was connected to who? who was the political machines that dominated state, not just through the last few years, but the decades, and i wanted to connect things, and i went looking for such a book, and there was no such book, so i decided that i had an interest in history and so forth, so i decided to write that book so not only for my edification so i learn in the process, but others who came along, and it's written -- it's not only for the course of the scholar, but for the layman, the person engage who wants to know about north carolina. not only for the new people coming in the state, and north carolina's one of the fastest growing states. we have people coming in to north carolina from all over the country, but also for the people who lived in north carolina all their lives, who may know a little bit about the state's political history, but they want to know a little more. well, a lot of people asked why i named the book "the paradox of politics," and the reason it's a bar doux -- paradox is people don't u
is a again teed seat so the only election is a primary election. so primaries come from these motivated base voters and low turnout primary elections. so every republican representative lives in fear for some tea party, extremist challenge and kind of three levels down in the system in the senate we're trying to craft public policy, which they're not really doing. and the most extreme possible way. now they're talking about an amendment that requires 100% operational security. i mean, this kind of purity. and it's almost like kabuki. we pretend we can solve these great public policies with a structure that's so democratically deficient. >> let's talk about that. you talk about the cornyn amendment, the republican from texas, introduced this week. let's play -- we'll play it and then we'll talk about it in a second. >> the most important difference between my amendment and the gang of eight bill is that my amendment has real border security triggers in place. while the gang of eight bill has no effective trigger that will guarantee implementation of border security standard that reach the gan
to see if maybe that can be revised. as it stands now, she is not up for re-election. how much do you think that factors in how she comported herself here? >> i think it probably played a pretty big role. she's in her last term and she's been talking about trying to get her own term limits. i don't think she's serious. i think she knows this is her last term and i think this was a legacy move for her. no doubt about it. again, i don't think it's made up for all of the policies she's put in place over the past few years that i've decembisagreed . . i give her credit for this one. be it for legacy, whatever reason she did it, it was the best thing for arizona and i wish more republican governors, as you said, take off the clown makeup across this country and do the right thing for their states and citizens. >> arizona state representative chad campbell. thanks for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >>> joining me at the table, josh borro, political politics editor for "business insider." how are you doing? >> doing well. >> you're the man on the mission to reform the republican party. yo
election. bobby jindal didn't make that conference, but ripped the gop for soul searching in a political op-ed that said, quote, excessive naf he will gazing leads to paralysis, time to stop the bedwetting, let's get on with it. >> quickly, there's a special election in the immediate future? >> reporter: a week from today, tonight the third and final debate of that campaign. ed markey up 7 to 10 points in the polls, gabriel gomez is far outspent, hopes to pull off a scott brown type upset. has to catch lightning in a bottle the next seven days. >> carl, thank you. >>> getting all choked up on capitol hill, and it could have been tragic. >>> and modern technology chokes off two traditions. the grapevine is next. ♪ chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for boat insurance. geico, see how much you could save. at o whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in. with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business. od. helping the world keep promises. ♪ the joint is j
the president and his allied claim from early 2010 right up and threw the election. they were just as reckless and preposterous as harry sang mitt romney has not paid taxes in 10 years. they might have been wrapped and appealing rhetoric of disclosure, but make no mistake, the goal was to win at any cost. that meant shutting off their opponents in any way they could. i don't believe they picked up the phone and told someone at the irs to slow up these applications or audit anybody, but the truth is he did not have to. he did not have to do that. the message was clear enough. but if the message was clear the medium was also suited to the cause. and the public-sector unions have made a pact between those who tend to benefit from the growth of government. let us face it, when elected leaders and union bosses tell us that they should view half the american people as being a threat to democracy, it should not surprise any of us that they would look at it that way. why would we even expect a public and fully whose union more or less exist to grow the government to treat someone who opposes that goal
election,s for iran's the only reformist amongst for other conservative candidates. this is where we are at the moment -- around 40% of the ballots counted. he has almost 50% of the vote. that's all he needs -- 50% plus one, a simple majority -- to win this election. the latest now from tehran. counting is underway in an election to choose who will be iran's president for the next four years. polling stations stay open an extra five hours to deal with the high turnout. state tv is reporting around 80% of eligible voters have cast their ballots. the former nuclear negotiator has a clear lead. he's considered a reformist among the other candidates. toneeds 50% plus one vote avoid a runoff, and he is well ahead of his nearest contender. as results continue to be counted, the conservative nuclear negotiator has dropped to fourth place. many reform-minded iranians say they are tired of the years of western-imposed sanctions over the country's nuclear program. >> surely this kind of rogue ram should be changed. you know how tough it is for people. people suffer from high prices. it's getti
. >> we're going hold elections the first meeting in july. it is likely that we will cancel the july 2nd meeting, because of the july 4th holiday. there are no permits scheduled for that meeting as i understand. so i guess i'm announcing now it's more than likely that will happen and staff will send out a notification to that. so the next meeting in july will be elections for this office and then staff is working on our 10th anniversary party. i knew you asked. >> you read my mind. >> our 10th anniversary partsy and we want to celebrate as close to our 10th anniversary as possible, so hopefully in july we will be celebrating that. >> just for clarification, we can have -- and question put it on an agenda, elections before the party, those things can happen. >> that would be awesome. >> if we do a regular meeting as our party, like we have done in the past, that is off-site, we'll have to past 15 days' notice, because we won't be in city hall as opposed to 72 hours. so we can have that discussion offline, but we can hold elections correct. >> so for those who have not come to our
in germany's main opposition party ahead of national elections. formula one star tests his endurance in berlin. we will begin in turkey, where prime minister recep tayyip erdogan has rallied tens of thousands of his supporters as he tries to quell the largest unrest turkey has seen in decades. police cleared a protest camp and sealed off the central square. antigovernment activists remained defiant, but authorities say they will take a hard line against further protests. >> the protesters gathered once more, responding to calls by the solidarity group. security forces used tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannons to disperse the crowds. witnesses say the violence went on for hours in the streets surrounding the square. elite units attempted to cordon off the district and keep the protesters from regrouping. they quickly responded with force to the slightest challenge. the rage and sheer numbers were too big. the night after the eviction from the park, the demonstration seemed to grow in size. >> we are not afraid. we will topple this dictator who calls himself the prime minister. g
though not for everything. he promised transparency, diplomacy and moderation, the iran's president-elect said the issue of uranium enrichment is off limits. >> mostly, the americans must agree that they will not interfere in iran's internal affairs. secondly, they must recognize all the rights of the iranian nation, including the right to nuclear program. >> rouhani wants iran's chief negotiator for two years and during his tenure iran suspended enrichment but says that's now in the past. some international powers say iran is using civilian nuclear programs as a cover for a military one and have imposed sanctions to stop iran's work. >> i believe in order to bring sanctions to an end, we should create confidence and more transparency within the frameworks and norms within the international arena. >> the sanctions are crippling iran's economy and creating unemployment. rouhani says they are backwards and regressive and now is a time of opportunity for improves international relations. he expressed his hope for better relations with arab countries and an end to the syrian conflict. >> the
as reaction from frankfurt. first turn our attention to iraq. >> elections have been postponed due to security concerns into provinces, but that only delayed the attacks on polling stations today that left two policemen dead. the polls are seen as a key gauge of opinion ahead of next year's general elections. >> parts of baghdad testify to. this is a mainly shiite area. alms have been going off every day ahead of the elections. while the economy and iraq's kurdish north is booming, there is still no reliable power supply in baghdad. tangled cables apply electricity. he sewage system is ruined and streets and houses are in dire need of repair. that would mean work if it were for the -- if there went out for the constant violence. >> every time a device explodes, it takes work away from us for a week or two. no one comes to buy supplies. i have a family to feed. lex in the first round of provincial elections, the alliance prevailed, but it garnered fewer votes than the previous poll. there was voting in sunni regions that do discriminate against by the government, but many say it's not even abou
. >> elections have been postponed due to security concerns into provinces, but that only delayed the attacks on polling stations today that left two policemen dead. the polls are seen as a key gauge of opinion ahead of next year's general elections. >> parts of baghdad testify to the ongoing violence here. this is a mainly shiite area. alms have been going off every day ahead of the elections. while the economy and iraq's kurdish north is booming, there is still no reliable power supply in baghdad. tangled cables apply electricity. he sewage system is ruined and streets and houses are in dire need of repair. that would mean work if it were for the -- if there went out for the constant violence. >> every time a device explodes, it takes work away from us for a week or two. no one comes to buy supplies. i have a family to feed. lex in the first round of provincial elections, the alliance prevailed, but it garnered fewer votes than the previous poll. there was voting in sunni regions that do discriminate against by the government, but many say it's not even about the sectarian conflict. it's ju
brighter, fresher, cleaner. >> eric: with a new president-elect in iran, some of the nation's victims are speaking out in a decades-long effort to get justice. the children and spouses of the 52 americans held hostage there in 1979 are sending a powerful fathers day message today to a group of u.s. senators. they want to hold iran accountable for the attack and standoff that lasted 444 days and forever changed u.s./iranian lessons. it was depicted in a movie, "argo." but there was a treaty signed by president carter that prevents the former hostages from collecting any damages from iran. a new senate bill could offer hope with this. here in the studio is one of those host arjs barry rosen, a press attache' if that siege. barry, so good to see you. barbara, happy fathers day. have you grandchildren now. it's great to see nuperson. it's astounding. under the algiers accord, as you know, companies got billions of dollars from tehran in this deal, but you guys got didley squat. you can't sue at all. why did this happen? >> the accords were made, i think because president carter knew or pe
, obama's campaign promises and election gave me faith that he would lead us toward fixing the problems he outlined in his quest for votes. unfortunately shortly after assuming power, he closed the door on investigating systemic violations of law, deepened and expanded several abusive programs. >> what this program allows us to do, the reason it was set up and the way it has been operated, was when we went to car acho and captured khalid sheikh mohammed, we could see who he was talking to in the united states. he says ask yourself if it was worth it. bathtub falls and police officers kill more americans than terrorism, yet we've been asked to sacrifice our most sacred rights for fear of falling victim to it. >> i think he is a traitor, somebody with access to classified information doing damage to the national security of the united states. >> reporter: snowden says being called a traitor by dick cheney is the highest honor you can give an american. president obama defended the program. what i can say, unequivocally, is that if you are a u.s. person, the nsa cannot listen to your telephone
in the mid-term elections. if there is a democratic president, republicans tend to pick up seats in the mid-term elections. it's a general rule of american politics. americans tend to like to swing the it back a little bit. they added seats to the house and the senate, but after the pendulum swung that far towards the republicans in '08, it swung back in 2010 hard. they lost six seats in the senate and the majority in the house, and the state's 2010 was a democratic disaster. they lost more legislative seats in the states than in the '20s. and then the republicans picked up the governorships in a dozen states. in 2010, new york state was in a kind of weird position. it had his first democratic governor in tpweu years, and he had to resign in a hooker scandal, which is surprised everybody. he quit, and lieutenant governor took over, and then he decided he was not going to run for it in 2010. and the new yorkers had gotten used to the republican in the house for a long time. it's going to be a huge republican year nationwide, and new york democrats lost their first governor to a hooker scanda
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